Quotes to Live By

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
(John Quincy Adams)

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. (Aristotle)

Every artist was first an amateur. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. (Thomas Jefferson)

It takes ten years to build up a reputation, but only five minutes to ruin one. (Anonymous)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Taking the High Road

Many people let circumstances and their environment shape their future. Kids are giving up at much earlier ages now, and going for the low road. That's how statistics are formed.

BUT, we are more than a number or a stat. We are the future of America! Can I hear an Amen? We need to rise up from being a victim to a victor! We don't even need to be gifted or talented. We just need to have something called perseverance and grit.

The fact is, so many people get ahead--even the gifted ones--because they worked incredibly hard, put in the thousands of hours of practice and extra sweat equity, and made their own luck. And Linda and Robin should know--they are two girls from the Bronx who had no special advantages or privileges and rose up through their own hard work and relentless drive to succeed to the top of their highly competitive profession.

In a book illustrated with a cornucopia of stories and the latest research on success, the authors reveal the strategies that helped them, and countless others, succeed at the highest levels in their careers and professions, and in their personal lives. They talk about the guts--the courage--necessary to take on tough challenges and not give up at the first sign of difficulty. They discuss the essential quality of resiliency. Everyone suffers setbacks in their careers and in life. The key, however, is to pick yourself up and bounce back. Drawing on the latest research in positive psychology, they discuss why optimists do better in school, work, and on the playing field--and how to reset that optimistic set point. They talk about industriousness, the notion that Malcolm Gladwell popularized with the 10,000-hour rule in his book Outliers.

Creativity theorist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi believes it takes a minimum of 10 years for one's true creative potential to be realized. And the authors explore the concept of tenacity--the quality that allows us to remain focused and avoid distraction in order to get the job done--an increasingly difficult task in today's fragmented, cluttered, high-tech, connected world.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bible for Preschoolers

This hands-on Bible mirrors a real Bible so now children as young as preschoolers can feel special when going to church. Gone are the simple illustrations and big bolded words. Now everyone in the family can belong in a Bible-carrying family.

My First Hands-On Bible is a fun and simple, yet meaningful way to engage preschool, prekindergarten, and kindergarten children
(ages 3–6) with the Bible while helping them build a solid faith foundation. Each lesson focuses on a specific Bible point through a variety of activities in order to reinforce and help young children remember the stories and lessons. Using common household items, you can help your children have a “hands-on” learning experience while engaging them in 85 key stories from the Bible.

My First Hands-On Bible doesn’t just retell the Bible stories; it also includes actual Scripture from the easy-to-understand and easy-to-read Holy Bible, New Living Translation. In addition to the stories and activities, there are fun illustrations, prayers, and a special Jesus Connection feature.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Standing Strong

This book is especially good for those who, not only are bullied, but also who could be a bystander to bullying. I feel that in every news story nowadays, it's all about the victim and his/her feelings. Don't get me wrong. It's great to know about the victims' perspective, but I feel it's overrated.

Every article is about someone being a victim to something. Sometimes I feel that people get easily offended in the little things and everyone should just get a chill pill. It's good to stand up against bullies as this is what the book is about, but we shouldn't broadcast all our troubles on the Internet for money and sympathy. So all I'm saying is to read this book with an open mind: a mind that is receptive to standing strong against a bully and not living a victimized life.

About this book: With no arms, no legs, and no defense, Nick Vujicic was once a bully’s target and knows what it feels like to be picked on and pushed around:  It makes your stomach hurt, gives you nightmares, and feels like there is no hope in sight. But Nick shows how you too can overcome and rise above bullying.  

No Bully Can Define Who You Are

Nick has experienced bullying of all kinds for being “different.” But he’s learned that he doesn’t have to play the bully’s game–and neither do you. In Stand Strong Nick gives you strategies for developing a “bully defense system,” so you can handle bullies of all kinds by building your strength from the inside out.

Find out how to:
·         Turn being bullied into a great opportunity (yes, really!)
·         Create a safety zone within yourself
·         Establish strong values that no bully can shake
·         Deal with cyber bullies
·         Develop a spiritual foundation to stay strong against bullying
·         Monitor your emotions and control your response to them
·         Help others who are being bullied
Are you facing the unwanted attention of a bully?  You can stand up to the challenge, because you have greater power over your feelings and your life than you may think! Just ask Nick--the man with no arms or legs…and “a ridiculously good life.”

Being Thankful

In this day and age, I find that people aren't as thankful as they used to be. It's bustle and hustle from day to day and there isn't any genuine thankfulness for others anymore. It's just me, me, me.

We have selfies, text messages, facetime, and Instagram. We are always looking down at a screen, whether we are hanging with friends or driving a car.

That's why this book is so refreshing for children in this generation. This generation of children are born with screens. It's all about self, self, self. If I'm happy, that's all that matters.

Bestselling and award-winning children’s author Eileen Spinelli combines charming rhymes and whimsical illustrations to convey the importance of being thankful for everyday blessings. Thankful, by bestselling and award-winning children’s author Eileen Spinelli, combines charming rhymes and whimsical illustrations to convey the importance of being thankful for everyday blessings. Like the gardener thankful for every green sprout, and the fireman for putting the fire out, readers are encouraged to be thankful for the many blessings they find in their lives.

Spinelli exhibits her endearing storytelling with this engaging poem, reminding children how blessed and special they are. Meant to be read aloud, this heartwarming picture book will be a treasured keepsake for parents and children alike.

If we raise our children to be more thankful for the things around us and being content, we will have accomplished raising empathetic children who will be responsible for our future.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Submarines, Secrets & A Daring Rescue

A Revolutionary War action-thriller filled with spies and heroes, targeted to boys and girls 8-12. In this second book in the American Revolutionary War Adventure series, twins Ambrose and John Clark find themselves volunteering for another mission to help the newly forming United States of America. Inspired by their success in delivering a secret message to General George Washington himself, the boys step up to help transport much-needed gunpowder to the patriots and end up in an even more dangerous situation, manning one of the first submarines and then, later, attempting a prison break to rescue their older brother, Berty

Written by Robert Skead with the help of his father, the main character is based on their ancestor who fought in the American Revolution as part of the Connecticut militia. Though historical fiction, the events that occurred with George Washington in New Jersey regarding the war effort are true.

These books do not disappoint. This is the second book in this new series and every book is filled with excitement and daring missions for boys and girls who love adventures. I would recommend it to any child who are interested in adventures or history. This book helps children learn about history, while taking the reader on an adventure.