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It takes ten years to build up a reputation, but only five minutes to ruin one. (Anonymous)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Power-Hungry Spiritual Leaders?

Once a common student becomes a student leader, whether a prayer leader, Spiritual Leader Director, a Residential Assistant or a Residential Director, some will use their powers for good, but there are some that will highly abuse their power.

I am here to tell you about the daily corruption I see in every day life through the eyes of a student struggling to stay afloat in this shark pool of power-hungry Christians.

I have tried to keep these things to myself, but if the truth never gets out, it will not do anyone else any good.

For example,

My friend came visiting this weekend. She arrived on Friday afternoon, I went to tell my RAs that my friend arrived. She said that since I didn't submit an order to the RD, I would now be fined $25 for not telling anyone she was arriving and it had to be done 48 hours before she arrived.

My RA also told me that my roommates had to "approve" of her staying in our room before she was actually allowed to stay for a weekend.

Here comes the hypocritical part:

Last weekend, my roommate's sister comes for a 'surprise' weekend and I definitely disapproved in her staying in our room, yet I didn't get any say at all about the situation. I would've have def. disapproved because having 4 other people in the room is not my ideal workplace when I have a huge paper to write.

I find out this weekend that if your roommates don't approve of other people staying in your room, they can't...

Because my roommate is a prayer leader, and my other roommate's sister that let her friends sleep in my room is also a prayer leader, the friends got to sleep in our room for a weekend without any argument or any ___________ (fill in the blank) !!!!

How is that for a Christian environment?

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