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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

When did we change the laws? I have always heard in courtrooms that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Why is it different in a Christian college? Where are all the "Christians"? I seriously regret going to this school.

Here's what happened today:

Roommate: I would really appreciate it if you washed all your dishes after you used them because those are my dishes you're borrowing.
Me: What dishes? I only have my one bowl. I never borrow your dishes anyways and I always wash mine.
Roommate: oh really? OK..I will just ask the Elizabeth than...

What happened to politeness and tact? I'm supposed to have tact but others are not? Basically, my roommate accused me of not having washed her dishes after I supposedly used them?

What about asking first if I had borrowed any of her dishes? How is that for a roommate that's a prayer group leader? This is not even the first time that she has accused me of taking or 'borrowing' things without her permission.

I just hate the fact that every single time something is missing, my roommates are the first to ask me about it. Did you happen to 'take' this? Did you happen to eat that? Why in the world are you asking me?

No! I didn't borrow your clothes or eat my food. Do you not see that I am not your size in clothing or see my two full-stocked shelves of snacks? Let me tell you something...if there was ever a snow-storm, I would be the last possible person to starve in my dorm.

When the food got stolen out of the fridge, I was the prime suspect? Two prayer leaders accused me of taking food when they have no idea who ate it? How about locking the room door for once?

Every single time I come back to the dorm, the door to my room is unlocked! That is why things are being taken. I'm just thankful that no one took anything from me, except candy. I could go without the few extra calories, so I'm not that worried.

And to top it off, my roommate who is a prayer leader lets people borrow her stuff, left and right. I'm not saying anything, but.....you can guess the rest....

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