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Friday, May 25, 2012

Don't Boast about your Family Background

There is something really creepy going on when someone introduces themselves as a PK (Pastor's Kid) and then later acts completely different later on.

At a Christian college, it's normal when someone says they are either a PK or an MK: Pastor's Kid or Missionary's Kid.

It's not normal for them to be friendly and then turn into a creeper later. He was so concerned for me that he acted out of the goodness of his heart to care for me? That is exactly what he said in his 'apology' letter. He said he was concerned for me.

Good thing I let LUPD (Liberty University Police Department) know about it, because I do not want to become another casualty or become depressed over the matter. My life is too important to let it go to waste just like that.

Here was my situation before I reported him to the police:

He would wait at the Rot in corners and stand there and wait until I showed up for dinner. Then he would sit at the same table. How do I know that? My friend would get there first and save me a table. He hates her, so he would never sit at the same table with her because she's Korean.

When I get to the table, he would suddenly appear out of nowhere and sit at the table, and talk to me. He would completely ignore my friend.

What's worse is that if a Korean or a person of black descent opens the door for him or holds the door open for him, he would walk through another door. He cannot stand for any Korean or black person to holding the door for him and he's a PK?

What kind of Christian deeds are you showing? 

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