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Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Legend of the Sand Dollar

The Legend of the Sand Dollar tells the story of Kerry, as her cousin Jack reveals to her the deeper meaning of Easter hidden within something as small as a sand dollar. This Easter tale reminds everyone everywhere that when Jesus died for us and was resurrected, he promised hope for all.

I loved the full-colored illustrations and the story itself about the legend of the sand dollar. I never knew it had such a deep meaning to it.

But all in all, the book felt rushed. When I was reading it, the story didn't flow as well as it could have flowed. I didn't understand where the cross was in the sand dollar, and there was little characterization.

It seemed that the author wanted to tell the story of the sand dollar, but didn't know where to put it in the story. It started in a nice way but ended abruptly.

Children will love the pictures, but probably won't understand the depth of the story as much.

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